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We run our own network

HiDefServers.com runs on VPLS's diverse network which allows for better routing and peering which gives the user better connectivity.

Test Your Download Speed

We even provide our very own SpeedTest app to help customers see how fast and strong their connection is to our data centers or select a file to test your download speed with your current ISP. Note that most transfer rates are in MegaBytes per second (MBps) which equals eight Megabits per second (Mbps) so if you download at 10MBps that is actually 80Mbps!

We Run Our Own Network.

That means we are not dependent on providers to make routing changes. If you have problems with a connection','let us know and we'll change the routing to the best possible route we can offer! We run our own BGP (Border Gateway Protocol out of AS35908 and AS4213 Check out the CIDR reports to see how large the HiDefServers backbone ranks up! Global Scale Connectivity.

Global Scale Connectivity

Our diverse network allows for better routing and peering which gives the user better connectivity. We have numerous data centers located in Santa Ana, Orange, Los Angeles, San Jose, Sacramento, and Washington DC. All sites are connected via a dedicated dual path dark fiber circuits and minimum 40Gbps DWDM wavelength. We also have over 200+Gbps in network transit!

Top Tier Providers

We have Tier 1 providers such as Internap, nLayer, China Unicom, China Telecom, TeliaSonera, Inteliquent / TINET, Global Crossing, Level3 and Hurricane Electric. With over 200Gbps of transit and 20Gbps of local peering thru Any2Exchange and Equinix LA peering fabrics. All this amounts to one thing, lower pings, no packet loss and no choke. Ping Isn't Everything.

Ping Isn't Everything

Although ping is a good indication of how well your server will likely perform, it should not be the determining factor when choosing a hosting provider. Trace route outputs provide a detailed routing plan of how you are connected to the server. Since HiDefServers has multiple Internet Service Providers we assign customers to various providers based on geographical location, ping, and trace route reports.

Your Connection Won't Be Clogged

Don't be fooled by web hosting companies that say they offer 1Gbps for less than $150 or so. The reality is that you do get a 1Gbps port, but you're also on a shared switched with 48 or even 96+ users which then has a 1Gbps uplink to the core switch or out to the Internet. What does that mean for you? Simply put, you don't get 1Gbps if your neighbor and his neighbor are fighting for the same amount of traffic. 1Gbps Dedicated Connection.

1Gbps Dedicated Connection

With HiDefServers Dedicated Bandwidth packages you get a server connected to a 1Gbps switched port on a private dedicated VLAN, to a switch that has Quad 1Gbps connections to our core switches for redundancy and throughput. Our switches are never oversubscribed and our providers are all top tier. We'll route you over the best provider that gives you the best latency for whatever it is you need to do.