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We offer unlimited bandwidth.

With our unlimited bandwidth managed dedicated servers you also receive vTAC's Tier 1 Managed Support services in every package.

100Mbps Port

All servers come with 100Mbps unlimited bandwidth unlike other companies that sell shared bandwidth or 100TB of rate limited traffic. We do not have peak traffic hours or hidden rate limiting policies. Our uplinks are tailored for maximum performance.

Managed Services and SLA's

Our geographically diverse 24x7 Network Operations Centers are located in Orange, El Segundo, and Bangkok, Thailand. When you're faced with problems that require our expertise, Krypt has multiple options available with various Service Level Agreements:

Out of Band Management

Manage your servers through an integrated KVM console with restart, power on/off features as well as the ability to format your server by uploading custom ISO's.

Full Control / Full Power

You get 100% of the servers resources, no underlying hypervisor is installed to impede performance. You also get full root / administrator access as well as console access directly to your server.

Choose your OS

We offer all popular Linux variants, BSD and Windows in a myriad of languages. Whether you need 32 or 64-bit in English or Chinese we have and support them all. We also offer SQL licensing contact us now for pricing.

We constantly monitor and add additional capacity to our switches which have a minimum of 4Gbps per 40 ports. We use Brocade and Cisco Systems switches with dedicated VLAN's for every server. What does this mean? Less broadcast and bogus traffic floating around a flat switch and higher throughputs for your dedicated unlimited bandwidth server. Other companies don't do this because the bogus crosstalk and broadcast traffic on the switch or even hub lower your connection rate!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q. ) Where are your data centers?

    You can view all of our data centers on our network page.

  • Q. ) Do you provide any SLA's?

    We currently only offer a money back guarantee for cancellations within 24 hours of receiving the server. If you're not completely satisfied just let us know via support ticket in your HiDefServers Account and we'll get your account canceled and refunded.

  • Q. ) What transfer rates can I expect from your 100Mbps unlimited bandwidth managed dedicated server package?

    Transfer rates vary for each package as the CPU and hard drive speeds come into play. Customers have access to 100Mbps FastEthernet ports with no peak rates or traffic policing. Click here to see a sample of an actual HD360 100Mbps customer.

  • Q. ) What transfer rates can I expect from your 100Mbps unlimited bandwidth managed dedicated server package?

    Every package comes with Tier 1 Support provided by VPLS Technical Assistance Center (vTAC) which includes the following:

    • - Network and hardware troubleshooting
    • - Reboot requests
    • - KVM over IP access
  • Q. ) What kind of support is included?

    You get a /29 which has 5 useable IP addresses. We don't charge you for IP's you can't use! Additional IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are also available with proper justification.

  • Q. ) How many IP's are included and do you offer IPv6?

    We use all Intel processors with Supermicro motherboards and chassis for resiliency and proven performance.